TETRIX & Pinus

Tetrix is a company situated in Jakobstad, Finland, which is specialized in import, production and sale of portable display systems. Tetrix is active in Finland, Sweden and in the Baltic countries.

The ecological character of a product can be emphasized by the display system. When you are choosing you display system you should care about if it fits in the ecological general view of the product. Not that long ago companies, institutions and organisations, which were aware of the environment, had to use banner stands which were made of plastic or aluminium to inform about their awareness of the environment. Now Pinus offers a greener alternative. Pinus-displays are the most environmentally friendly display systems the world has to offer.

The Pinus-line is ecological and it is produced in Finland. The products are made of Finnish pinewood and they are completely recyclable. All the phases of the production are enviromentally friendly: no glues or chemical treatments are used. The producing methods don´t waste energy and the carbon footprint of the transportations is kept as small as possible.


The Pinus-line is the most ecological on the market. Every other month Tetrix has a new product to show. Tetrix offers Pinus products for every occasion. The Pinus line consists of shop stands, exhibition walls, counters and different poster systems. The products are easy to assembe and to illuminate.

Pinus is a long term solution for all those who want to achieve the highest possible marketing effect and at the same time minimalize the impairment of our environment.

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